The operations management software (opsmanager) was developed ever since our involvement with Cowan Air, a large, national air conditioning maintenance company established in 1990. In order to improve the efficacies, Cowan Air developed their own operating system which over time was reprogrammed as the standalone software to meet market and client demands.

This seamless software is versatile, easy to use and can access comprehensive information readily through data and reports. Also, providing better visibility, allowing the crew to take corrective measures and make accurate decisions that improve business operations.

Highly sophisticated, this software provides immense efficiencies and has an array of features. Creates and schedules tasks on-the-go, sends notifications when the tasks are accomplished and updated and creates accurate invoicing making your business run efficiently than ever before.

Similar maintenance companies have tried this software and it has proven successful for them. This spurred us to deliver opsmanager to all small, medium and large maintenance companies, to allow businesses handle personnel and fetch high revenues.

opsmanager undoubtedly aids industries looking for visibility and control over outcomes, to steadily improve strategies over time.

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