These modules contain and interlink eight standard operations management areas. Each module has multiple links within and to other modules to streamline information access. Reports and Access Control are also accessed here.

There are five major modules within opsmanager.

This module includes general information on each of your clients, including contacts, billing and accounts details. Sites and Contacts are two key sectors within this module. Standard Charge Rates can be set and assigned to individual clients. Access to Site History and storage of Past Clients is also within this module.

This module is the keystone to opsmanager. All job data is entered and recorded here from every level of your business. From Accounts to Site Technicians and Customer Service, they all refer to the data within here. As such there is a dedicated Dashboard for this module that highlights: Jobs to date, Job Type Breakdown, Quoted and Invoiced Amounts as well as Average Service Call Times. At a glance you can see how all jobs are tracking. Key Data is also extracted easily for sending to print, email or SMS.

Another key module within opsmanager. All quote details, labour estimates and extensive parts and equipment lists are recorded here. The data is easily extracted into formatted quotes for client and internal uses. You can customise the quote template with your corporate image and to suit your preferences. Key data here is linked to the Jobs module for invoicing. There is a dedicated Dashboard for this module that highlights: Quotes total to date, Quote Conversion ratios, Quote Component Breakdowns as well as Average Quote to Invoice Accuracy. At a glance you can see well your estimating is linked to actual final jobs. Key Data is also extracted easily for sending to print or email.

More detailed information on each of your contracts is stored and accessed in this module from opsmanager. Client details, Contacts, Frequency of work, Equipment used, Maintenance Schedules, are all here. A dedicated Dashboard for this module highlights: (various information that you’ll have to supply) as well as (a key dashboard item).

A ready reckoner for all your suppliers. Record your sales, rates, history, and issues with equipment, parts and service that is outsourced. Supplier rates are interlinked with data in Jobs and Quotes modules too.

Accessible from the main menu Reports is a handy reference point for all standard operating business information. You can view Purchase and Stock Control, Time Sheets, Client Payments - Financials, Maintenance Scheduling, To Do List and create your own customised reports.

opsmanager is highly flexible with access controls. You can create various levels of access for different staff to view or edit information. Each staff is given their own login and password that the software recognises. Only data accessible by that level is shown. This means some dashboard items or module information isn’t visible when logged in at that level. Sensitive data is kept protected.

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